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Questions for me:

1.How many times in a day do you think about doing something, that you could never do in real life but you constantly think up fake scenarios about where you DO it and its awesome?
2. How often do you sing to yourself when no ones around, and what kind of songs do you sing?
3.How much do you really know about South America? i mean think about it really hard! why do they not teach more in school? and what kind of stuff do you know?
4.what languages would you like to learn? name one that would be most practical for you. and one that you just want to learn.
5.if life were more like a video game (of the RPG sorts) which NPC would you want to be? someone with a tedious quest? the helpful NPC at the potion shop or equipment store? pointlessly standing around, walking around the same places like always? or maybe one with the pointlessly long back story that he tells you every time you accidentally talk to him and you have to wait for the text to scroll before you can skip what hes saying?
6. When doing Memes what pisses you off the most?
7. if you randomly woke up one day having a strange attachment to the same sex, how terribly confused would you be. and what would you do?
8. you have one magical day where you can eat what ever you want and you won't gain any weight and your always hungry, what would you do. you have the money you have at the moment and your day happens like any other Saturday.
9.if you had to be in a production of beauty and the beast, which character would you like to play, please assume you have the talent required to play any part and let me know why you choose your charecter.
10. these question are kick ass! i put alot of effort and thought into......because its 7:11am on thursday morning.....What did you think of them? did you put alot of effort into them to? or did you just look at them and long don't care :D

1. This is going to sound absolutely horrible. I understand, but please, don't judge. If I could do one awesome thing, it'd be the ability to get cancer instead of somebody else. Now, let me explain. I'm an able-bodied person for the most part. When I am in and out of the hospital, something inside of me dies whenever I see one of those bald, helpless little children riding around in wheelchairs. If I had the choice, I'd rather die a martyr than watch somebody else suffer, helpless on the sidelines.

2. I love to sing. It all really depends on the situation, but I usually sing when I'm really happy or bored. If I'm bored, it's usually any song that jumps into my head or one that I've made up on the spot pertaining to what I'm doing. When I'm happy, usually it's a song that fits the reason I'm happy.

3. Nothing. For the most part. And the reason they don't really teach much about South America is because most other countries are too obsessed with their damn selves to be concerned about anything else. Only things we got involved in, or somehow impacted us in a great way are normally discussed. Even in the case of my social course now: we are more concerned with American politics because they're the most influential at the moment.

4. I'd like to learn many languages: Spanish, German, Tagalog, Italian, Old English, Latin and Gaelic. The one that would be most practical would be Tagalog, seeing I'm from Filipino decent and the majority of my household speaks it. I'd like to learn Spanish however, since it's a major contributor to Tagalog, and it's a Gog damn sexy language.

5. Nothing is ever easy with you, is it? I'd like to be a follower, one who joins the companion on his or her epic quest. However, I'd probably die in battle: either epically, tragically, or out of plain human err. However, I'd probably end up being that one NPC that either sits around doing nothing and doesn't talk to anybody, or just a generic 'Hey,how'sthingsgoing?Good,mindpickingupItemAfromPersonXfromme?' villager kicking about.

6. What kind of meme? The generic internet meme like the rage comics, or text things like awkward penguin, or the obsessed girlfriend? Deviantart memes that require a lot of drawing, contemplation, time and effort? What about the...

7. Nothing is strange about that. I already have a deep attraction -or, specifically: a general indifference- to both genders. However, I'm dating a boy right now and if I started leaning more towards va-jay-jay, it may pose some relationship problems.

8. Eat all of things available in my house! Pretty much consisting of rice, a bag of marshmellows, whole thing of nutella, diet Coke and other things I can find. However, since I'm limited on sugar intake for health related reasons, that narrows it down to rice. How unfortunate.

9. Because I know why the previous person asked this (ie- he was in a Beauty and the Beast production, and I went to see it), I'd replace Mrs. Potts because no offense, the song she sang (Beauty and the Beast) was slightly butchered. However, that aside, I'd probably try to get a roll as Babette, or Lumiere. I love the relationship between them, and both are really fun characters.

10. TL;DR.
      I lie. I did care. I also tried to put in equal amount of effort, since it's now 12:47am and I don't feel like going to school tomorrow. My heart agrees with me. I hope you enjoyed my answers as much as I did your questions.

My questions for you:

1. If you could be one super-villain, or an average villain if you're an under-achiever, who would you be? What would your dastardly plot to destroy the world be? And who would you like to be thwarted by?

2. Since I enjoy this question, however over-rated it may be, look at the object to your left. Now look at an object directly in front of it. That will be your weapon of defense in the occasion of a zombie outbreak. How will you use it, and what are your chances of survival?

3. If you had to conform to a stereotype, which would it be? Now think about it: which one would you actually be based on appearance? Now, based on personality?

4. What is your theory on unicorns? Real? Figment of imagination? Extinct? Government conspiracy?

5. What internet meme most represents you? Tell us why, and then give us an example to back up your previous statement.

6. If a strange man in a tweed jacket, sporting a funny looking screwdriver, grabbed you and hauled you into a blue box, what would you do? What would be the first adventure you'd go on? Would you stay with him?

7. What keeps you up at night? Or, at least, what do you do when you know you probably should still be sleeping? If the answer is internet, what specifically?

8. Look! An innocuous blueberry patch on a foggy, silent hill. For some reason you proceed, entering a mysterious land of mental turmoil, undead nurses and pyramid-headed creatures. What would you do to escape?

9. If the world were suddenly to enter massive power-outage, and everything reverted back to the way things were before electricity... -what kind of world do you suppose we'd be in? What would be the first thing you do?

10. You're welcome for the unoriginality. What did you think of the questions? If there was a question you really supposed should be on this quiz, what would it be and what would your answer be?

I tag...!:

ChaosFlame... jnkjhafk;d... Nolan. Too tired to remember account.
Minkize... You know who you is chiiild, why do I need to type this out?
Halosomething. Srs. Update your name, turbo-nerd. Love you! <3
Whomever wants to be tagged.


Chelsea-Chelsea has started a donation pool!
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Commission Details:

:bulletred: Headshot
1 point -Sketch
2 points -Lineart
3 points -Coloured (Simple/No Background)
5 points -Coloured (Detailed Background)
+3 point for each additional character.

2 points -Sketch
3 points -Lineart
5 points -Coloured (Simple/No Background)
10 points -Coloured (Detailed Background)
+5 point for each additional character.
:bulletgreen:Full Body
2 points -Sketch
5 points -Lineart
10 points -Coloured (Simple/No Background)
15 points -Coloured (Detailed Background)
+10 points for each additional character.

:bulletblue:Character Sheet
2 points -Sketch
5 points -Lineart
10 points -Coloured

:bulletpurple:Written Piece
10 points -One Shot
+5 point for each additional chapter


:bulletgreen: I am a little art monkey, but I'm not a psychic. I can, and will draw and write everything, as long as I have a little guidance first.

:bulletblue:For original characters or stories, please give me a little description of what you would like done.

:bulletgreen: Llama make all artwork a bit better, since they're all magical.

:bulletblue:I am thinking of adding some more things in here, but I'm not sure how traditional works (paintings, pastel, artisan crafts) would fare out here. Traditional works are definitely an option.

:bulletgreen: Please specify what you're requiring-! The math of these commissions adds up really funny.

:bulletblue: Art trades are free!

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I am a Canadian girl with varied interests.
I am a student, that is striving to graduate and get a degree in the Fine Arts.
I am an artist, wanting to achieve more than I could dream with my art.
I am content with what I am now, and I am living my dream.

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